Friday, January 21, 2011

Shibori Dye Tank

The summer of 2010 was very wet and cool.  It seemed the only sunny days were those on which I was scheduled to work. I was only able to dye on one day. I am working on making my loom controlled shibori scarves more easily marketable. (I wrote about them here and here) As I am making them now, they are too labor intensive to sell for a price I think my customers are willing to pay. I think if I can dye several scarves at a time, I may be able to sell them for less. To that end, I designed a "tank" to dye the scarves in.

It is a simple box made from plywood and 2X3 lumber.

I lined the tank with plastic and filled it with about quart of black Procion MX dye thickened with sodium alginate. Because I was outside, I took some care and leveled the table. I added the scarves, then painted the tops with brown dye.   I folded the plastic on the sides over the top and let the whole thing batch in the sun for several hours.

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Karla Long said...

Kathy, that looks like so much fun! After reading this entry, I had to get myself a copy of Woven Shibori. I'm betting I could get a brother to make a dye tray for me. Then I have to get over my lack of confidence with dyes. Obviously, the results could be worth it. Thanks for the inspiration. And, yes, it will have to wait until much warmer weather.