Friday, March 5, 2010

A Surprise Treasure

I purchased a ziplock bag of miscellaneous lace at a yard sale last summer.  It looked like bits and pieces of the cheapest kind of lace available at any fabric store.  I was thinking I could use it in some of my art or sewing projects. was only 50 cents!
When a student needed some lace to trim a pillow project, I brought him the bag to pick through.  "What's this?", he asked me.
When I looked closely, I realized it was tatted lace, hand made of very fine thread that I suspect is linen.  Oh, the painstaking labor that went into this!  The knots are so fine, I can't see them without my glasses. There are six yards wrapped around a scrap piece of cardboard.  Even the bit of cardboard is delightful!  Because this kind of cardboard is not acid free, I have rewound the lace around a roll I made from archival white card stock to preserve it.

I was able to tell the students how tatting is done, and they marveled at how anyone would have the patience to make that much lace.  I take seriously my obligation to teach about fiber arts to as many people as possible.  I love that I have a captive audience of 12 students every week!


Anonymous said...

What a marvelous find! Are you planning some wonderful project to show off the lace or are you going to let it mellow on the shelf until it tells you what it wants to be? (I seem to be a "let it mellow" type, but I've run out of mellowing space.)

By the way, your FDC projects are wonderful. You are such a creative person.


Katherine Regier said...

Thanks for the compliments!
Lol, mellowing is a good word for what I do with most of my supplies. I don't know if I have a project worthy of this lace.

Trapunto said...

That is marvelous! You can date it to the late 20's or thirties, I guess, from the lady's dress... Such a long journey to get to you. My grandma had some aunts who made linen handkerchiefs with a tatted edge for her for a christmas present every year when she was a young woman, though not in such fine thread. She gave them to me, and I love to take them out and look at them.