Sunday, February 28, 2010

Kelp Forest FDC

I create most of my First Day Cover mail art to participate in swaps organized through the Yahoo Groups "Carving Consortium" and "Eraser Cut Exchange". In October, the US Post Office issued the "Kelp Forest" set of stamps. It is part of a series called "Nature of America" with full sheets of stamps depicting different ecosystems of the United States. This was either the ninth or tenth year in this series. I have been participating in this particular swap for several years, and wanted to continue again this year, so I volunteered to "host" the swap.

It's very easy to host FDC swaps. I wrote an email to both Yahoo Group lists calling for participants. When we had a decent size group of people willing to "play", I sent the names and addresses of all the players to every one in the group. We each designed and carved an image related to the Kelp Forest; printed the images; then addressed and stamped an envelope for each person in the group. All of the envelopes were sent to the issuing post office, in this case, Monteray, California. Then we sat back and waited to receive the amazing art in our mailboxes.

Here is the art from the five people who participated:

Jenny H. G.

Stephanie C:

Roberta J:

Dot W:

and mine:

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Arielle said...

Mom- Those are really cool. :) I like the otter and yours. I get one, right?

Love you!