Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy New Year! I am looking forward to 2010 being a completely different year than 2009. I haven’t been posting much, as my blog is supposed to be about weaving, and I haven’t done any. My main definition of my self is as a weaver, and in 2009, I only wove 10 yards. I was whining to a friend that I didn’t do anything creative all year, when she gently (such a sweet friend, I really needed a boot in the butt!) pointed out to me all the projects I did get completed, though they weren't woven.
Please be forewarned, Gently Reader, that the following posts will be my 2009 completed project redux, none of which have anything to do with weaving.

I am considering what to put on the loom next. Over the holidays, I was able to sell many scarves and shawls I had in inventory. I was grateful to move old inventory out of the studio, and even more grateful to have the cash. Now I have a dilemma: I am almost completely out of scarves and shawls that are my “bread and butter” products, so I should replace the stock. Or do I treat myself and allow myself to play with new fibers or patterns?

Here is what I’d like to play with…..

My daughter gifted me with this lovely alpaca yarn from Alpacas of Montana, a Bozeman alpaca farm. I have to do some research on weaving with alpaca. I am fairly sure this yarn was spun for knitting, so I will have to do some sampling to get everything right. I know I should sample, but a part of me does not want to waste an inch of precious yarn.