Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Longest Warp

This simple, 10-yard warp has been on my loom for exactly a year now. Thirteen months ago, this would have been a day's worth of weaving for me. Then came the broken leg......
It's been a year of travails, my husband has been working only quarter time since last Christmas; the company he works for not only cut his hours but also cut out all of his benefits, including health insurance. I have been barely able to get around since the slip on the ice. My creative muse went on an extended vacation, and didn't even send a postcard. I could go on and on.
And yet, we have had great blessings. Our garden was very productive this year. The freezer is stuffed with vegetables and venison for the year. In spite of the loss of income, we were able to pay down all of our bills and now are completely out of debt for the first time since our children were born. I had surgery in September, and I am now able to walk two miles without much discomfort.
And today, I finished the warp.