Monday, March 31, 2008

Carol Soderlund Dye Workshop

Dye Sample Book

Carol Soderlund Dye Workshop

Carol Soderlund

Carol Soderlund Dye Workshop

I have been dyeing (pun intended) to take a workshop with Carol Soderlund. Carol is one of the premier dyeing teachers in the US, not to mention an accomplished quilt artist. When I looked into the cost of taking a class at ProChem or Nancy Crow's Barn , it was too prohibitive for my budget.

I have been working with "The Secret" for the last couple of years. A workshop with Carol Soderlund is prominent on my dream board. In a flash of inspiration while I was showering (I get lots of inspiration while showering, do you?), I realized I could host a workshop myself, and bring Carol to me! I emailed was scary to me at first, but then I figured the worst thing she could say was "No". But Carol is gracious, and delightful, and happy to come to Montana to teach a workshop!

So the particulars are:
"Color Mixing for Dyers I" with Carol Soderlund
September 17-21, 2008, at Glacier Camp in beautiful Lakeside, Montana. Dye the color you choose, not the color that chooses you! Explore the unlimited number of hues possible by mixing only pure reds, yellows, and blues of Procion MX dye. Each student will build a sample book of more than 1,000 dye formulas on 100% cotton fabric. This book will become an invaluable reference for future dyeing. Carol Soderlund, award winning quilt artist, will teach this popular class. Workshop will be hosted by Kathy Regier, weaver, of Trout Creek, MT. All the details are available at .

Please join us!

Hmmmm....trying to upload pictures from Photobucket, and I see they posted them as separate posts. Bear with me while I figure this out!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Starting Out

I am determined to start a blog...first, to help promote my business, and secondly, to chart my progress as I re-invent myself as a weaver.
I find myself stymied immediately. I created a few paragraphs for the "About Me" section, and I cannot edit it. It is one long, run on sentence, with no paragraph breaks. I have spent hours reading help and "blogging for dummies" to find an answer to the problem, and cannot.
So, for now, it's the way it is.

To practice adding photos:
This cow moose lingered near my studio for several days.